Ghost Busters Costume



I have always been a fan of Ghostbusters and had toyed with the idea of creating a Halloween costume for years. After building the ghost trap I decided now was the time. After a great deal of research and some long nights I was able to get everything ready in time for Halloween.



Due to time constraints I was not able to build the Proton Pack from scratch so I bought an almost complete one off of Ebay. I had to reinforce it with fiberglass, attach a pack frame, and add all the little details to the gun portion. Luckily the pack itself was almost perfect and only needed some small cosmetics changes and the metal bumper on the cyclotron. I made the belt gizmo from leather, old computer boards, some flash tubes, paper, and a phone cord. The goggles were made from a welders mask and paper. The rest of the costume was sourced from different places and a lot of help from The costume is not 100 percent movie accurate but I hope to remedy that for another Halloween when I have more time.


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Finished Model: