One of the biggest surprise games I have played recently was Borderlands. It combined a first person shooter with the addictive dungeon hunting and collecting of Diablo. Probably the most memorable character was the quirky robot Claptrap. He is one part R2-D2's charm and 1 part C-3P0's annoyance all wrapped together in one loveable robot. I immediately knew I had found my next project.


This build ended up being really simple. I drew up a blueprint and cut out several copies of each of Claptraps faces. I then cut out different accents pieces from each layer and laminated them all together. Doing it this way meant I did not have to figure out a whole lot of complex geometry for most of the model. I took sandpaper to the final paint job to give it a natural wear and was happy with the result. To finish it, I based the model using the same techniques I use on bases for my pewter miniatures.


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Finished Model: