Claptrap v2.0



A while back I built a model of Claptrap from the video game Borderlands. After playing the follow up, Borderlands 2, I was interested in revisiting this model to make it more closely resemble the cell shaded look of the game and to also make the model a buildable kit.


The Claptrap model itself is very simple, but making it a buildable kit meant I had to think about all the geometry up front and figure out how everything folds. Since I don't know 3D software I had to do this all by hand. Normally I just figure everything out on the fly as I build or use a piece I already built to guide me on how to build the next piece. I did not have that luxury this time so I really had to spend a good deal of time making sure everything worked right the first time. The task of manually unfolding a 3D image into a 2D one was quiet challenging but fun at the same time. In the end I only had to make a few minor adjustments after my first test build. Next I had to do all the artwork in Photoshop. While I like the new skin for Claptrap in Borderlands 2, I still prefer the original design so I made the graphics mimic very closely what Claptrap looked like in the original Borderlands.


You can download the kit to build the model yourself by clicking here. Please read all instructions as some steps have to be done in a particular order and the printing instruction need to be followed exactly.


Click the pictures to see larger photos.


Finished Model: