Dark City Syringe



I wanted to take a break from the more complicated builds I have been doing and work on a few simple props I have wanted to do for a while. I am a fan of the cult film Dark City. Sadly the movie never got the audience it deserved even if reviews were positive. I loved the dark gothic design and was particular intrigued by the syringes used in the movie to transfer memories. Hopefully you enjoy the project and if you’re not familiar with the prop I suggest you go out and rent the movie now.


The build was extremely easy as most of the design was build up of a series of cylinders. I was even able to design the top plunger part to telescope in and out, and the wings to manually hinge open. I used more non paper components than I usually do for this project in order to make it more accurate. The finger rings were made of craft wire attached with Plastic putty, the glass tube was made from a turkey baster, and the needle is a paperclip. The project came out quite well and only took a few days to build.


Click the pictures to see larger photos.


Finished Model: