Magic Deck Box



I have wanted to create a project that people could download and make themselves for a while now. However creating the templates and instructions means you have to simplify the design significantly. I decided to do something that was not very complex and made a deck box for the card game Magic: The Gathering. Not wanting to keep it too simple I made it look like an ancient tome. The finished product can hold 75 cards and is very solid. Make sure to read the instructions before printing.

Deck Box Files Extra Covers Pack 1


This was a different approach for me than usual. I had to design the box so it would fit on 8.5 X 11 paper and I wanted it to use one sided printing. I went through about 5 prototypes before I found one I was happy with. I then created the blueprints and textures for the project. This was a great deal of fun and allowed me to flex my Photoshop muscles for a change. It's also unfortunate that most Papercraft projects have poor documentation, so I tried hard to make the instructions easy to follow. So grab the files and build yourself a new box to hold your cards for the next tournament.


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Finished Model: