District 9 Assault Rifle



With each build I like to try something new and push my abilities, so I decided I would build something larger this time around. I really enjoyed the art style in the movie District 9 and the Assault Rifle used near the end of the movie was particular interesting. I decided the Gun would provide many unique challenges and would look particularly menacing amongst my collection.


The first challenge was that the gun was 40 inches long. I build all my models from 8.5 X 11 Inch computer paper so that meant I would have to find a way to hide the seams. I was able to design the gun to hide all of these seems except for one on the barrel. I also had to find a way to reinforce the gun so it would hold up to painting and display. I decided to use some foam board to build a basic skeleton and then build the rest of the gun around that. For the paint job I made stencils from masking tape so I could keep the lines clean and consistent. In the end I am extremely happy with the results and look forward to my next challenge.


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Finished Model: