Before I started designing my own stuff from scratch I decided it would be a good idea to find a model I liked but needed significant improvements. I had found a Panzer AUS F build some time back but ultimately was disappointed with its lack of small details. The AUS F was one of the more iconic Panzers so I was excited to try and do it justice in paper.


Since the majority of this model was already designed, the build was pretty straight forward. I completely redesigned the wheels and the turret hatch to more accurate and the rest was just adding on armor pieces to give the model depth and heft. I was really concerned with the paint job since the thin paper would not hold up well to airbrushing. Luckily papers absorbency hid the brush strokes and made doing effects like carbon scoring and rust staining a breeze. Once the first layer of paint dried the absorbency let up and I could do some of the heavier painting. This model taught me a lot and gave me the confidence to move on to my other projects.


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Finished Model: