Aliens Power Loader



I found this model a while back and it lacked any instructions and seemed to do things differently than any other model I had done. It did have pictures of the finished model and I was blown away by the detail and how real it looked. I had done a few papercraft models before, but had grown disappointed with the fact that they still looked like paper in the end. I loved Aliens and Ripley’s battle in the Power Loader against the Queen is one of the best scenes, so I decided to take the risk and see if I could make the build work.


Without documentation this was as much puzzle as it was model. The design used layering of thicker paper to do small details that you simply could not achieve with folds. It also avoiding using tabs for gluing which meant the seams were less clunky. There were a few things I noticed with the model that were not right and had to design myself, but for the most part I designed it as is. When it was done I decided to give it a nice weathered paint job to hide the fact that it was paper. In the end I found this model looked better than the plastic models I had seen, and decided I to give papercraft another go.


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Finished Model: