Gears of War Snub Pistol



I have been a fan of Epic Game's Gears of War franchise and always wanted to build the Snub pistol. I have waited for a while because I wanted to perfect my skills more and I wanted to integrate LED's. I have been starting to work more and more with LED's and felt confident I could finally do the gun justice.


The majority of the build used techniques I have use in my other builds especially those used in Mal's pistol. This gun however did require far more layers than any build I have done previously so I had to plan ahead for how the geometry interacted. The LED's also worked out really well but I had originally intended for the lights to activate when the clip was inserted. Sadly, I could not get this to work so I had to settle for static on and off. I used a different technique for the paint job than I normally do. I painted black paint over the silver base coat and wiped it off. This worked better than using washes in my opinion and gave it a more battle torn look.


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Finished Model: