Since I first saw Star Wars as a kid, I have always loved the series. The set and prop designs are still some of the most prolific and iconic images in all of film. My favorite ship was always the Y-Wing. I loved the odd shape and the little details everywhere. I wanted to build one for some time and finally felt my skills had progressed to where I could do the ship justice.


For the most part the build did not provide many unique challenges. the hardest part was all the little details which were very time consuming and took a good deal of patience. I ended up using bits of wire for the tubing and hosing on the model and some dowel rods for the engine supports. I also used some plastic putty for the engine domes. Other than that everything you see here is paper. The paint job was a blast and I always love weathering so I really took my time to make sure it really popped.


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Finished Model: