Who Am I:

My name is Matthew Milam, I am a Sr. Technical Writer and Graphic Artist living in Dallas Texas. I currently work at a small software company that specializes in software for the Convenience Store industry. I have also been a member of the Society for Technical Communication and Toastmasters. I have experience working with technical design and training theory and have done complete impelmenation of Single Sourcing and Learning Management Systems. I’m also an artist and have worked with many mediums over the years including duct-tape, plastic sculpting, line art, painting, papercraft, and digital art. You can click the image below to see my resume and get more details on my experiece.



Design Theory:

I believe that presentation is one of the single most crucial aspects of any venture. No matter how good something is, if it is not presented well then it cannot effectively reach its audience. When professional content and skill is combined with superb presentation you can create true quality.


Design Portfolio:

The following are samples of Design Work I have done over the years. Please click the Images to see more:



Technical Writing Portfolio:

The following are samples of technical Writing I have done over the years. Sadly, most of my current work is confidential so these are just public works. Please click the links to see the samples:


Presentation for Creating a Power Point - Used for one of our client training conferences to help speakers and trainers prepare more effective presentations.

Pinnacle Learning Center - A learning management system I designed to deliver training and documention resources. The system is built on the Moodle framework. All graphics, design, code customization, implementation, and rollout was proformed by me.

Student Services Guide - A guide for new students attending the University of North Texas.

Get Back to Greener Pastures - An article I wrote on using an exception feature in Auditing Software.